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Aa-23 skin care products, developed by the expertise of Alpha+ Cosmetic Laboratory in the UK, hold the secrets of perfect skin. With the natural and organic compounds used, each product delivers different and precious elements essential to skin’s strength and beauty.

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Photos for Aa-23 by Professor Charles Weiss at the University of Cambridge 

“Feminine beauty is art. Aa-23 products enrich the artist in females."

Attila Peter Miklosy


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Hand Cream

Aa-23 EXTRA RICH Rejuvenating Hand Cream is ideal to help soften skin, provide protection to the finest parts of skin, and hydrate skin.


Vitamin Empowered

Facial Serum

Aa-23 Vitamin Empowered Facial Serum, one of our powerful serums, can improve skin firmness from within by providing vitamin rich ingredients to the skin. 

Packed by nourishing Vitamin A, C and E, this serum can renew your skin’s youthful beauty with fewer wrinkles and smoother skin texture.


Firming · Anti Aging

Night Cream

Aa-23 Firming · Anti Aging Night Cream benefits firmness, radiance and resilience. The skin undergoes a transformation while you sleep, being moisturized for a delightfully airy texture on the skin smoothly.



Marula Oil Facial Serum

This Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum is powerful to provide immediate anti-wrinkle benefits for lifting and firming youthful look. The skin’s optimal moisture level is maintained to restore smoothness and firmness.


Lip Balm

Aa-23 Lip Balm provides hydration, softness and protection for moist and healthy lips.


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